TIGER-NET is a major component of the TIGER initiative of the European Space Agency (ESA), whose main goal is the Support of the African Earth Observation Capacity for Water Resource Monitoring in close collaboration with African water authorities and experts.

TIGER-NET aims to support the satellite based assessment and monitoring of water resources from watershed to cross-border basin level delivering indispensable information for Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) through:

1. Development of an open-source Water Observation and Information System (WOIS) for monitoring, assessing and inventorying water resources in a cost-effective manner;

2. Capacity building and training of African water authorities and technical centers to fully exploit the increasing observation capacity offered by current and upcoming generations of satellites, including the ESA Sentinel’s.

- April 2014 -


27.11.2013 Monitoring and Managing Africa’s Water Resources
The TIGER workshop, which brought together over 100 scientists, national and transboundary authorities, water experts from 21 African countries and representatives from international development organisations, was held in Tunisia from 21th till 25th of October. Within the frame of this workshop also the TIGER-NET Mid Term Review was held together with all active users of the WOIS, the Steering Committee, and Management of ESA and Consortium representatives.
15.10.2013 TIGER-NET Mid Term Review 23-24 Oct. 2013 in Tunis
The subject of the TIGER-NET Mid Term Review meeting will be a review of the Water Observation Information System (WOIS) prototype, all User Cases and to consolidate the development plans as well as project schedule for the Cycle 2 in terms of:
  • Cycle 1 products and system performance, user assessment and acceptance;
  • New users for Cycle 2;
  • New services/products for Cycle 2;
On the basis of the outcomes and recommendations of the workshop an activity plan for Cycle 2 will be developed by the service providers.